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We also build an Openback Model Hendricks Banjo. It features curly maple wood and a Whyte-Laydie style tone ring. The most unique feature of the Hendricks Openback Model is it’s oversized outside diameter wood rim. The bracket hooks actually drop through the rim and the bracket nuts are tightened via recessed holes in the bottom of the rim (this replaces the need for L-shoes on the outside of the rim). The inside of the rim is turned on a taper from the larger ID at the bottom of the rim to the smaller ID at the tone ring side. This gives the banjo a very pleasing "old-time" sound and the banjo is very comfortable to hold and play. The Openback Hendricks Banjo is available in Model I and Model II.

Here are some examples of the Open Back model. PLEASE CLICK ON THE PHOTO TO SEE A FULL-SIZE IMAGE.


Full View Front


"The Other Side" of the Open-Back


Curly Maple Wood and 5th Tuner


Peghead Inlays & Tuners


End of the Fingerboard


Hendricks in Individual Cut Letters


Fingerboard and 5th Tuner


Inside - Rim and Rod


Front Rim


Inside - Rim and Rod




Front Rim and Heel


Another Openback Example


Peghead and Neck


Openback Showing Rim and Rod


PegHead with Inlay, Side View


Fingerboard End




Inlaid Heel and Ebony Rim


Openback showing Identification Label Inside Rim