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Hand-Crafted Instruments for All Playing Levels

Somewhere in the piney woods near Old Hangtown in the foothills of the Sierras, the Brothers Hendricks are crafting something very special - a custom made, hand-inlaid banjo.  It's the instrument of your dreams, built by master craftsmen with a distinctive sound and the kind of beautiful detailing you've always wanted.  Whether you're just starting out or are an accomplished player, the Hendricks Banjo will give you the clear, classic banjo sound you want and the playing satisfaction of no other banjo in the world. 

About Hendricks Banjos

Hendricks banjos are the finest in handcrafted banjos and are built to order, one at a time for our customers. They are constructed using a delicate blend of traditional and new innovative approaches to banjo building based on a solid foundation of fine craftsmanship. The metal parts used on our banjos are our own designs and are cast, machined, or built for us according to our specifications.

Hendricks banjos are truly individual works of the banjomaker's art. We build all styles of banjos: Five string resonator, Five string open back, and Tenor and Plectrum four string banjos. We also offer repair, restoration and custom service.

We build two models of banjos, Model I and Model II. All Hendricks banjos are built with the same construction designs and use the same highest quality parts. The only difference between our Models is in the amount or style of artistic decoration. Each model has decorative options per the customer's choice, such as fingerboard and peghead inlay material and the staining or coloring of the wood prior to finishing. Also, each model has additional decorative options available at extra cost.  Our unique Openback Hendricks Banjo is also available in the two Model designations.